- Vice-Căpitan Shinigami -

Echipa Anime Kage

I think I lost my mind a while ago
Cos I've been seeing some ghosts
And I'd be lying if I told you I'm fine
But I lie

Yeah, these thoughts I would never speak out loud
I've seen you cry but I've never seen you shout
Like a hurricane, these shots don't ricochet

Oh I don't know my limits at all
I'm sinking down into my thoughts

It's friendly fire and sunlight
The aftermath of one too many
Words I said, when I should've said nothing at all
At all
I gotta stop overthinking
And missing
What could have been
You were never even really here
And still we are spinning
Just liars and cheaters
Right back where we started
But it don't get easier


19 / F / Braila
Membru din 16 august 2015

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